Ruian - an important modern industrial and trade city and historical and cultural city

Ruian City, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China hosted the county-level city, located in the middle of China's gold coastline, is located in the Shanghai Economic Zone and the Xiamen-Quanzhou Golden Triangle between Jiangnan Yumizhixiang, Guo Moruo had Yuhaolou title " Chung waves ".

Ryan for the East Ou ancient town. The earliest in the late Neolithic, Feiyunjiang lower reaches of the two sides have ancestors multiply and build settlements. Summer, business, the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Spring and Autumn for the domain of Yangzhou Ou. Then subject to changes in the current situation, the dynasty change, the administrative membership with the change. (239), analysis of Yongning County Luoshan (Quanshan) south of Luoyang County home, North Lake Lu Ao governance (West Ao, River Tai Bridge area), for the beginning of the county to build Ryan. Is a Hueiji County.

Ruian land area of 1271 square kilometers, the sea area of 3060 square kilometers, administer 5 towns, 10 streets, the end of 2012 Ruian total number of 319,600 households, the total population of 1.216 million registered population, in addition to the Han, Back to other ethnic minorities. The city is the vast majority of Han Chinese and Zhejiang residents, the use of Wu dialect Oujiang films, access to Wu dialect Wenzhou.

1987 Ruian City, the State Council was identified as the first batch of 14 coastal economic development zones, one of China's rural comprehensive economic strength of one hundred counties (cities), Zhejiang Province, a well-off county (city), Zhejiang Province, an important modern industrial city And historical and cultural city. In 2013 China's most investment potential of small and medium-sized cities, Ruian City ranked 31st.